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Enclaves offer isolated environments that run attested source code. An ideal environment to prove to you users that their queries are never seen. Start serving your private API for free:

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Turning databases into private REST APIs with PostgREST

Learn about how the Oblivious team have been teaming up with the PostgREST community to automatically create private REST APIs.

Serving data APIs doesn't mean you've got to see user’s queries!

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Write your server, or use a standard template, that will serve API calls. Make the source open to your users.

Deploy it to run on enclaves using Oblivious' straight forward web console. It can be deployed on our infrastructure, or your own.

Stream your data, parameters, or models to the enclave, after it has been deployed. This will stay private, unless explicitly intended to be shared with queriers.

When a connection is made by a user, they first receive an attestation document by the cloud infrastructure guaranteeing them what was deployed to the enclave.

So they know you can't see their queries and their data cannot be used for anything outside of the context that was intended.


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Follow the links to step through building, deploying and connecting to secure enclaves:

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Learn the basics to build your first private API.

See how clients can use OAuth to access your enclaves hosting APIs.

Deploy your API to an enclave.

Let users make confidential queries.


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