Easily & securely combine sensitive data and IP from multiple users

Enclaves are like servers that can use the underlying infrastructure to guarantee all information at build time, like the source code used to process data and client public keys for access control, while keeping all information transmitted and processed at run time a secret.


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Securely answer questions like:

How many shared customers do we have?

Without disclosing:

Who one another's customers are

United Nations Committee
of Experts for Privacy
Preserving Techniques

Learn about how Oblivious supported the UN Committee of Experts in reconciling international trade data, without revealing individual record level transactions.

Read more
Secure International Trade Reconciliation book

Cryptographic Guarantee provided by


Development Lifecycle provided by


Pre-agreed the source code, environment details, users public keys to be hosted in the enclave.

Oblivious helps you to develop and deploy software that runs in enclaves.


Deployed to AWS Nitro Enclaves which attest the build-time information and provide access control for users.

The Oblivious launcher deploys well-architected infrastructure to the cloud to support the enclaves functional requirements.


Through their connection, users know how their data is processed and that their data can't be seen by anyone including the host of the cloud infrastructure.

We also provide tools for users to securely validate enclave attestation and connect to service.

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